In 1920 Ing. A. Hergeth first founded the company coming from a family of craftsmen for many generations. His father owned a manufacturing company that made parts for instruments.

In his works various products were produced. During the world war it was one of the most advanced production facilities producing parts for rockets and automatic gears. One product range was opening and humidifying machines for textiles. After the war he had to restart and concentrated on textile machines.

His son, Ing. Herbert Hergeth, made the company known to textile producers all over the world. His main innovations were the use of sheet metal in blow room machines, improvements in skutchers and feeding equipment.
Under his direction the wrap sampling machine and non-woven machines were introduced to the market.

Since 1985 the grandson, Ing. Hubert Hergeth, is at the helm of HERGETH GmbH.
His main innovations are in bale opening machines, foreign fiber detection systems and web forming.

After more than 100 years in business we keep the pioneer spirit and feel that in the very old textile process there are plenty of chances to improve in process and equipment.

We still are driven to create new machines and enjoy to see them perform.