Compact card

10 years of compact card


The compact card is the major achievement in carding in the last decades.

The design takes advantage of the latest manufacturing techniques and fully utilises the benefits of stationary carding strips. These strips have achieved the big progress in production and quality.

A major aspect of the C-Card is the simplicity of maintenance and service.

Individual drives allow total data collection for industry 4.0.

The integrated chute feed allows minimal gsm variations in CD and MD direction and long-time stability.

The basic unit of the C-card is always the same, only varies in width.

To the basic unit, several web forming technologies can be bolted:

  • single doffer
  • double doffer
  • condensing rolls
  • LiRa (linear to random) system
  • aerodynamic doffing

No undercard construction is needed when several cards deliver to a common belt.