High Precision Chute Feed < 1 %

Gsm variations of less than 1 % absolute have been achieved.


From the beginning, the compact card has had advanced features to do precision feeding with a small chute.


  • Special grill with anti-twining profile.
  • Blow-in from two sides into one wide single chute.
  • Small tuft feeding.
  • Piano-type segmented feed plate.
  • Pneumatic pressure for feed plates, centrally controlled and variable.
  • Electronic measurement of displacement of feed plates by fiber feed (density measurement).
  • Automatic adjustment of chute feed depth to compensate for density variations in CD direction.
  • H2 roll to skim off excess fibers.

But it was improved further:

By means of a simple aerodynamic process, without additional electronics, we were able to bring gsm consistency in both MD and CD directions to a new level. Our customers' measurements show MD and CD density variations of less than 1 % both long and short term.

What we do can be simply stated that up to now the industry has accepted a fishnet consistency - big holes everywhere. We have changed this fishnet consistency to the consistency achieved with a fine flour sifter: only very tiny holes occasionally.

A turning point in card feeding process 200 years in the making!