Fine Feeder

The FS5, or similar machines, are still commonly used in the non-woven industry to feed cards.
Due to its many issues, such as capacity limitations, jams, and others, it was time to replace the 60-year old machine.

Our new Fine Feeder has a working width of 2,4 m vs. the 1,0 m width of the old FS5.
The woven mesh design that caused a multitude of problems in many applications has been replaced with electrolytically polished stainless steel sieves.

  • The large sieve design and its large holding capacity allows for the re-introduction of the side trim into the feeder.
  • 2,4 m card, 3 m working width.
  • Easy access.
  • High capacity is important to reduce feed variations.
  • Filling is controlled by sensitive pressure gauge.
  • Fiber opening is done between a wire-wound feed roll and a wire-wound opening roll.
    This ensures that only small tufts are sent to the chute feed thus ensuring better uniformity.
  • The HERGETH axial-suction system yields a high throughput with minimum transport air.
  • The Fine Feeder can deliver either a single flow of fibers or two parallel flows for chute feeds being fed from both sides simultaneously.
  • The Fine Feeder is recommended for production of up to 1000 kg/ h.
  • For higher production rates, we recommend one Fine Feeder on each side of the chute.
  • Optional deluge heads.

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