miniBiN Opener/ Blender

The BiG BiN has got a brother!

The successful opening/ blending/ mixing machine BiG BiN is used for batches of 500/ 1000/ 2000 kg.

However, some customers require a very small machine to economically process batches of just 200 kg.

As the market is asking for more customized products, the batch sizes get smaller. We therefore made a scaled down version, the miniBiN, to fulfil our customers' needs.

The opening rolls stay the same diameter to cope with long fibers, also the superb moving floor is used.


  • miniBiN for small lot blending, capacity 100 and 200 kg
  • very effective automatic mixing machine
  • Fast and easy to clean
  • With preview area possible to inspect the batch before mixing
  • Eliminates hand-opening/ mixing also for very small lots
  • microBiN for lots of less than 50 kg also possible